Frequently Asked Questions

What amount does it cost to send SMS?

The Cost per SMS is (attach link xxxxxx)

You can register on our platform and check the Costing and accuracy of the message .

Does Bulk SMS Credit expires?

No, it will remain in your account as long as you need and can use it as per your requirement

Is there any Cap for sending SMS?

NO, you are given the facility to send as many or as low SMS messages as per your requirement.

Do I get notification when my SMS limit is low?

Yes, we send alert message for same.

Can I send message in amy other regional language other than English?

Yes, The application enables you to send SMS in various languages using Unicode. This helps to reach and communicate to people in their own language.

Can I save drafted message for future use?

Yes, You can save your content online in our application and use it anytime later to send sms.

Can I schedule SMS and send later ?

Virtuoso offers Scheduled SMS feature which allows the customers to schedule their SMS by assigning a future date and time at which it is to be sent. The message can be uploaded and the date and time can be specified. The scheduled SMS can be viewed under the message history.